Friday, January 8, 2016

Make It Time To Notice and Journal!

The ground rules are simple: begin by noticing what it is that you characteristically notice. Pay deliberate attention to what you are noticing, from one minute to the next. Notice how you feel, think, react. The world offers endless possibilities for noticing and the more you notice, the more you'll find to notice and learn from!

Be gentle with yourself. Offer yourself unconditional love. Become the one who is sure to love you no matter what presents itself. Applaud your achievements. Accept your humanness. Be understanding while encouraging your best to come forth.

In my book, Notice! My Self~ My Life! The invitation is to...Choose a notice topic that feels right for you at the moment, or pick one randomly from the pages of the book. Then begin by directing your attention to noticing.  Notice everything there is to notice about each moment.  (The following list of questions may spark ideas for developing this new you ask yourself each week's question.*)

Where am I when this thought, event, or feeling occurs?
What conditions seem to bring about this thought, event, or feeling?
What am I thinking?
What am I doing?
What am I feeling?
What are the circumstances?
Who am I with?
When has this thought, event, or feeling occurred before?
What do these moments have in common?
What is my life telling me right now?
What do my responses have to say to me about this thought, event, or feeling?
What conclusions can I draw?
What actions, if any, are suggested?

The reader is then prompted to...'Turn page by page or to any page, let your thoughts flow, and let your awareness grow. Notice and journal your life.'

I will turn to a page every week and post a question for you to ask yourself to  Notice and Journal about .

This week ask yourself:   
Notice what I am thinking about, this first week of the year and why.
   - Remember -
Focus on the moment.
Let noticing become a lifelong habit, and life will richly sustain and support your growth.

Notice what you notice... and keep noticing!

Let’s Practice The Art Of Noticing Together!


One of the most powerful tools for coming to understand who you really are, underneath all the shoulds and buts and external influences, is paying conscious attention to what you do and think. For more than 40 years I have been encouraging practicing what I call the Art Of Observation. I would love for you to join me every week , so I will pull a card from my Notice!~The Art Of Observation Cards for you to ask yourself...and post it here. 

Notice, is celebrating a habit I want to practice?

And...I also want to encourage you to capture any and all of your observations in your journal and get into the habit of rereading your journaling and writing a feedback statement. (It is the feedback, or what I often refer to as an enlightenment statement, that captures the learning and often  provides the opportunity for new insights.  With the help of this short summary a true change of consciousness can take place. It is often the feedback statement that can actually result in a raising of your consciousness!)